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Cyber Monday is happening RIGHT now until midnight MONDAY!

Make sure to read the FINE PRINT below:

There will be NO REFUNDS beyond FEBRUARY 1, 2023 – NO exceptions.

There will be NO EXCHANGES beyond FEBRUARY 1, 2023 – NO exceptions.

ALL treatments purchased on Cyber Monday have a ONE YEAR expiration – NO exceptions.


Package A – limit 3 per person

Package B – limit 3 per person

Signature HF - limit 3 per person (may gift)

1 Myers Infusion – limit 12 per person (must use all within one year of purchase, may gift)

1 Medium Depth PCA peel – limit 1 per person

1 Microneedling treatment with HA – limit 1 per person

30 units disport – limit 6 per person.

How to purchase:

You can either purchase online. Please note that there is a limit of $500 per eGift card, so you may have to purchase more than one. Please put a note in the note section as to what you purchased.


You can call our office at 928-813-2522 with your payment information.

Happy Holidays!!

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