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Preparing Cocktails

Our Story

The concept of Sip N' Saddle was born in 2020 - in the midst of Covid19.

The medical practice was either suffering, due to the fear people had of the doctor's office... Or it was booming with Covid, but  quickly became very sad and stressful. 

Dr. Pettitt started putting ideas on paper and Pinterest and eventually came across this busted up ("vintage") but full of potential two horse trailer on Craigslist. Shorty after, she met with her brilliant friend, Ben at Global Construction Management in Tucson, AZ, shared her design ideas, and his team converted this little trailer into a uniquely elegant mobile bar. 

Meet Destiny Drake~

Destiny handles much of the day to day operations & is the main point of contact for Sip N' Saddle AZ. She is  a dedicated mother of two who is currently working on her MBA.


"I am positive and open minded. Additionally, I'm a strong believer in 'everything happens for a reason'. I do my best to look at every situation with optimism. I'm headstrong but loving and altruistic. I find great pleasure in serving others."

Destiny Chapter One Wellness Sip N' Saddle
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